About Me

Hello, My name is Molly and this is my blog.
(Translation of my 'Bonjour' on the right).

I am a teenage girl from London. I love Makeup, Design and Dance.
When I am older, I want to be a business woman, who makes a decent amount of money, can speak french, japanese, chinese and spanish and has 7 homes (New York, LA, London, Somerset, Paris, Tokyo and Fiji). Tough Chance! I do know that that is 99.999999999% impossible, and I realise that I am probably going to be working at a desk in London while living in a flat in the suburbs. But that is my dream. I also dream to travel the world, East Asia is one of my main interests, as well as the USA. Why are you telling me this, you ask. Because this is my space on the internet that I can dream as much as I like in it.

Before, I have had 2 blogs, one before I even knew what a blog is (I was 9 and I made a couple of pages on   rating websites and TV Shows) and the other was a year or 2 ago, I did just because I felt like it, but this one is real.

I love my blog and I hope other people do too. I don't think that it will become big like Zoella or Vivianna does makeup, but I'd love for that to happen, any blogger would. While, writing this I was thinking 'Is this too personal?','Will anyone care or even read it?' and 'Why am I doing this?'. The answers to those in my brain are: Yes. No. For no proper reason. But does it matter? No. So join me because this is that little place on the internet that may be too personal, that no-one cares about and has no real reason to anything except for 'just feeling like it'.

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