#SELFIE Abomination

Do you remember the old days when you could just take a picture of yourself and no one would say a word, but nowadays of course has to be labelled with ''selfie'' and everyone will make judgement that you are narcissistic and self-obsessed. Why only these days is it like that? How is it any different? Well, if you haven't noticed today's generation is all about social media,  and with hashtags and all that, every selfie must have the same story behind it of course (please do note the sarcasm there).

When slightly planning this blog post (five minutes before :-P), I googled 'The evolution of the selfie' and I came across this, I think, blog post (link: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2014/04/26/the-evolution-of-the-selfie-obsessed-generation-infographic/ ). I read it and naturally, it was overall quite negative about the idea of the selfie, although it did say that we all do, occasionally take the odd selfie. But back to the evolution, the first stage of selfies were the ''Vincent Van Gogh-style self portrait', I wasn't alive when the only form of self-image was a painting but I don't think that if you had painted a selfie portrait then, that you'd be given the same connotations that you'd get now if you did take a selfie. Why? Is it because that it was much harder then, so that only the skilled and talented had the ability? Or is it because it is much easier now, so that people as dumb as the cast of TOWIE can even manipulate how to take a picture of themselves? Or maybe it is just because of that stupid but oh so catchy song (But first, let me take a #SELFIE), I apologise if that song is now in your head.

But why do people judge who a person is based on whether they take selfies. I take selfies but not to show off or to say that I am self obssessed. If and when I do take selfies, it is when I might be proud that I have effectively created an equal cat eye on both my eyes, or when I feel that my self esteem is slightly higher and I think 'Hey, I look remotely attractive today'. Also, despite what you my think a selfie is quite a powerful object. If you haven't seen the video created by a girl who suffered depression who takes a selfie every day for six and a half years, WATCH IT (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRvk5UQY1Js ). If you read the annotations you can see what events occured in her life and how they affect her, in her hair or even in her smile, if you hadn't seen all the other selfies, then you believe that is the average 'self obssessed' image, but when you learn the whole story and see the bigger picture, you realise how powerful it is.

Now, I would challenge myself to take a selfie everyday but honestly I can't do that, but I have something already going like that. If you didn't know, I have braces. Every time I go to the orthodontist I will take a picture of my teeth to see how they improve, six months and I can notice such a difference from my first image to my current.

Anyways, do you take many selfies? What do you think about them?

M x

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  1. I really love this. I have yet to watch the video, but I promise I will. And congrats on the "cat eye" that can be pretty difficult. <3