Walk in Wardrobe and Purple Hair

If you read my last post, then you know that lately I have been crushing over designer items. Well that has rolled over onto just clothes and closets. I have been watching closet tours back to back and window shopping on the internet. The thing is, I live in London where there is hardly any space in one room, let alone for a walk in closet. I also don't have enough clothes for my 35 inch cupboard style wardrobe, only half of it is full.

Also, I really want to dye my hair this summer. I have never dyed my hair before because my hair colour naturally darkens, I was born blonde and 14 years later, I have a medium brown tone. Also because a lot of my friends say that they like my hair colour. I didn't think that I could dye my hair for a few years since my school has a strict uniform policy which includes having unnatural hair colours. But last year, a girl in my class dyed her hair pink and blue for the summer, and I never had the idea to do that just for the summer, but I may do that this year since I have always wanted to dye my hair (if you have seen my pinterest then you can find my Hair Colour Bucket List. The link is on the right hand side). If I do, it will be semi-permanent because we only have 6 weeks summer in the UK and it is likely to be a purple or pink shade because I like the idea of them the most. What do you think?

In other news, I was in the charity shop today with my mum, and I found Poison Study (By Maria V. Snyder) in the book section. And I bought for only TWENTY FIVE PENCE! I know right.

Anyway, that was a random post... See you later
M x
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