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Lately, I feel like I have been wanting what I can't afford. From Louboutin to Kate Spade, Michael Kors to Chanel. I am now obsessed with designer bags and shoes so much so that I am considering buying a knock off, or several.

So, I decided to write a post on designer items and fakes and all that jazz that comes with it.

Do I own any designer items? No. Unless you consider Paul's Boutique designer then no. I own a fake Louis Vuitton scarf, my mum bought a fake in two colours and chose which she preferred (I got the other one, but it is still gorgeous). I have nothing against fakes. I do know that for the designer it isn't too good, and that the quality can be awful, but if you desperately want your hands on that item, but could never ever afford it, I understand. But of course I prefer the real thing.

I think that I first got into designer items when I was around 11, young I know. My mum's friend was over, and she showed me her Pinterest page. It had images of her stunning Vera Wang wedding dress, her brand new Christian Louboutins and the actual Louis Vuitton scarf that I have a knock-off of. That was it, I found youtube videos of closet tours from people such as Jennifer Stano (Trophy Wife) and Paris Hilton (Do I need to explain who she is?). I didn't notice when someone was carrying a designer bag unless it was Chanel back then, but now it is a whole different story. I hadn't realised that my mum own three Mulberrys. Three? She also has two Longchamps (Okay, I am a little jealous, she doesn't even use one of them????). I have also started to notice when a girl at school has a designer bag, I even noticed one of my old best friend's carrying a Chanel (I kinda even hoped that it wasn't authentic).

So this was clearly going to happen. But only recently I have become obsessive over designer. I regularly go on the store's site to see what they have and how I can save up (Although I never will...) and I have watched many videos of 'Louboutin Collection' or 'Designer Bag Collection' hoping that one day, that could be me.

Most of you may think that this is unhealthy for a 14 year old (Yep I am only 14 and I wish that I own a Chanel bag) and that I could be leading myself into a materialistic lifestyle. But I am thankful for the things that I already own, I buy all my clothes myself (my parents only pay for my food and essentials, like toothpaste, electricity and underwear etc.) and if my parents ever do buy me things, it is only ever on my birthday or christmas. I see it as inspiration to motivate me to do well in the future and work hard at school, which I believe is a positive rather than a negative.

What are you desperate to have?
M x
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