2014: What's going on?

I haven't been here for a while... don't kill me.
Well, lets just say I haven't had time to blog. Because we all f***ing believe that don't we. Yeh ok, honestly, I haven't been in the mood and the reason that I can never truly stick to something is because my interests change frequently. I do love what I blog about and I love my blog, but I can never truly commit since I need to change just like my interests. Well, I have decided that when I am older I want to be a graphic designer, and most people practise by blogging. So although I may be giving up hope on this blog, I will not delete it because I love how it looks and I believe that it inspires me a lot. 

I think that is it. If you want me to continue blogging on here (which I may do every now and again) please tell me by commenting as that would inspire me to more often if I knew that people were reading my posts. And if you would like me to create a book blog, tell me also in the comments.

M x

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