Back to School: Update

Hello there! I suppose I have to update you, well I haven't done another Back to School post in ages, and it has already been a week into September without posting. Just so you know I do have an excuse which is because I have been getting ready to actually go back to school. The last time I posted was just before I went to buy a school bag and since then  have been sorting out stuff to put in my bag and locker. I went back to school on Wednesday and my special locker shelves just fit and my locker looks much nicer than last year now. I am planning to do a collective haul from the summer but sadly I haven't even started on that one. I also have an idea for another series because it makes me feel on top of things if I have set out series (Clue: It has something to do with my favourite TV Show, GLEE!). So if you want another series be sure to comment below. I think that is all.

Feel free to ask any questions.
M x

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