Back To School: Locker Organisation

Here we go again! Another year of the pain of Exams, Lessons and Teachers. Yes, I am talking about school. Whether you have started or are going to, the next couple of posts are to help you get through the year ahead. The reason this won't be just one post is because there are so many tips and tricks that use throughout the school day, it just wouldn't flow as easily as it would as a normal post. So consider this a Back to School series. For me, despite days of planning my book cover designs and shopping for school supplies, as soon as I get back in the classroom, it isn't how I imagined it (maybe me watching too much Glee). So for this 'Series' it may end up as more like a diary until the first week to tell you how I am feeling and how my new methods work.

Today, I will be talking about the joys and messiness of lockers. Sadly, in the UK we don't have the same types of things that you can buy in the States for lockers here. So most of it is DIY. In fact the inspiration for this post was that right before now, I was making my own shelf using a cardboard box, scissors and duct tape (colour alterations may be made at a later date). If you want to know, in a nutshell, I turned the box upside down, cut out one of the sides and covered it in duct tape, but the left over cardboard piece was stuck to the top of the shelf for sturdiness.

Because of my PE kit, last year my locker stank, so I bought a car air freshener and it did the trick. My locker has ventilation holes at the top so I hung it through them, but you could just place it at the bottom of your locker.

A survival kit, is a must, it doesn't have to be in your locker too, you could have a pouch in your bag. But since this is your locker we are talking about and you will probably have alot of stuff you may need a box to go in your locker.So here is what I would advise you to put in your survival kit:
-Hair Bands
-A Snack
-Clear Nail Polish
-Stuff for Contacts (If you wear them)
-A Hairbrush
-Hand Sanitiser
-Hand Cream/Body Cream
-A Plaster (Or Band Aids if you are from the States)
-Dry Shampoo
-Face Wipes

I hope this guide helps. Feel free to ask questions and give your locker advice down below.
M x

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