Back To School: Autumn 2013 Fashion and Beauty Trends

Yay! A new season is arriving which is an excuse for new Clothes and Beauty Products to arrive to your collection. While reading a couple teens magazines (so this may be looks that aren't for the more mature, but you can always take tips), I gathered a couple of old and new trends for the coming season.

The one trend I spotted throughout the magazines is of course, Denim! Whether it is a pair of Statement Jeans or a Denim Shirt paired with some cute Tan Accessories, Denim is going to be a very popular fabric featured all through Autumn. Also with Jeans being common staple pieces in our wardrobes, you may not need to buy anything Denim. As I mentioned earlier, Denim and Tan Accessories, is a good option for this season. Last year, Tan was quite popular in Autumn outfits and it is back again this year, but mostly with denim. Because it is a neutral colour it ties in well with the blues of Denim but still allows the colours to pop. Meaning that your Denim pieces stand out. I also touched on Statement Jeans. From just Bright Colours to Crazy Patterns, they are the main piece of the outfit, so as you should know by now, keep the other items SIMPLE! You don't want to look like all the acts from the circus rolled into one. Clue is in the name: STATEMENT Jeans. So let them shine like they are supposed to.

Classic Prints like Tartan and Houndstooth are back! As a statement piece or if you are brave/clever you can use both in the same outfit, but you have to be careful. The trick is to have hints of them in either the pockets in some jeans (which will also tick the box for the Denim), or in a scarf. So that they aren't covering your whole body. Which leads us to Monochrome. It hasn't really left us since, God knows when. But for this colour combination, stripes are the way to go, another classic print. It is also easy to find just a Black and White Striped Top for barely nothing. or you could go for something funky Vertical Striped Leggings/Trousers/Jeans. But if the Black leaves Monochrome you get left with: White, or Cream. Another Colour to look out for this season. Just a simple White Jumper or Hoodie will do and you will look on trend.
Last but not least, Leopard. No matter how small the item this will be a statement piece so wear if you dare. But this is a very chic patten which will make you stand out from the crowd.

For Beauty this season, you can inspire your Makeup Looks with... Fire! I am not saying that you have to paint flames on your face. But you can rock the famous Red Lip or use Warmer Colours in the Crease for your Eyes. For Nails, Geometric Patterns a spot on. The most simplistic way is to grab a bunch of colours, which include: A Grey, A Black and Five other colours (which can't be dark ones!). Then for each nail paint the whole nail in the Grey, then take another colour other than Black and paint that over half of each nail (best to use different ways like Chevron, Stripes, Triangles to mix it up, and also use the same colour for each nail type say Pink for both the Index etc.). Then take your Black and paint that over either half of both of them or half of just one. And there you have your stylish Geometric Nails.

Hope you have a fashionable back to school time! Feel free to ask any questions!
M x

My Pics:
- Topshop Denim Check Skirt (£34)
-Michael Kors Tan Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel ($358)
 -Miss Me Houndstooth Insert Bootcut jeans ($109)

I have not been sponsored, why would I be since I have only two followers but just making sure.

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