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First of all, these questions are from a Youtube Tag, instead of an actual blog tag, so it may be hard to answer some of the questions. Also, the schooling system is different in the UK, so again it may be hard. I don't feel the need for a long intro so, here goes:

1. Do you like school?
No, but I understand that I need to go if I want to have a good career when I am older (which has paid off since I have 100% Attendance).

2. What are you excited and/or nervous for this year?
Seeing my friends again, being higher in the school. But I am nervous because it will be harder work this year because of Exams.

3. What Subjects are you taking?
Drama, Art, English, Design Technology, Textiles, Food Tech, Religious Education, History, Geography, Personal Studies, Physical Education, Music, French, Information Communication Technology, Science and Maths. I am from the UK.

4. What's your Favourite Subject?
Art, I love the creative subjects most. But Art is the best.

5. What's your least Favourite Subject?
French, even though I have French family, I HATE it.

6. What's your schedule like?
1st period, 2nd period, Break, 3rd period, Lunch, 4th period, 5th period. Our lessons are an hour each.

7. Do you do Extra Curricular Activities?
I play Rounders when it is the season but that's it.

8. What's your favourite thing about your school?
We get mixed up in lessons, in my mates school, they stay in the same groups.

9. Tips on how to survive a Boring Lesson?

10.What Grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?
Year 7-6th Grade in the States.

11. Where do you like to go shopping for Back To School Supplies?
WHSmith. If you go more than once, you get lots of Vouchers from the first time, and you can use them on the second.

12. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have to carry in your backpack?
Coloured Fineliners, Reading Book and My Locker Key.

13. What are your School Related Goals?
To pay attention in class.

14. What do you want to do when you Graduate?
Dunno yet?

15. How do you balance Friends, Family, School and your Internet life?
Not sure? Probably why in June and July I wasn't posting much since I had to revise.

Hope you enjoyed this, and try it yourself and if you do comment your Blog and if you follow me I will follow you but only through Bloglovin so you will have to have a Bloglovin account for your Blog.

Feel free to ask any questions.
M x

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