Face Washing Facts and Advice

You may be thinking 'I know how to wash my face, I rinse, lather and rinse. Easy!' But today, when stocking up on cleansing products, I was thinking that I was never actually given advice on how to wash my face. So I got home and researched and I found some pretty interesting stuff.

First of all the maximum amount of times that you should wash your face is twice (commonly in the morning and evening). In fact once is probably just enough. Oily or Acne-prone skin maybe should but sensitive or dry skin would be good with just once as it irritates and dries out the skin.

Also when you do wash your face (in the evening), it should be a two step process. Either use a face wash/cleanser or make-up remover/make-up removing face wipes and face wash/cleanser. The first time may not remove all of your make-up and it will only remove make-up on the first time, it won't cleanse your face, it will do that on the second time. Also to follow up on the choice of products, try not to use make-up wipes, the proper manual product, rinsing business will clear your skin much better as it will get in your pores more.

Exfoliating, really it is a waste of time. Personally, I only exfoliate when my skin is really playing up. Don't exfoliate everyday, as like anything that is abrasive, it isn't good to continuosly rub off your skin. If you do exfoliate daily, by now you are probably rubbing off good skin cells which can make your skin fragile and weak. It is probably best to use an exfoliating face wash or a cleanser with ingredients such as salicylic acid.
Your skin shouldn't break out.

DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE WITH NORMAL SOAP, WHATEVER YOU DO. Unless it is for the face, it is too harsh for the skin on your face.

Lastly, (you should already do this) moisturize after you remove make-up or wash your face. Especially at night as since that is when your skin repairs itself and soaks up the good stuff. Also why you should always wash your face at night since it is sooooooo bad to sleep with make-up on, but you should already know that.

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