Review: Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake

 You may know about the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, many Beauty Bloggers and Beauty Vloggers rave about these. I got my first one a few weeks ago and I wanted to say what I about it.

 I got the colour Strawberry Shortcake 080. It is a nice rosy pink that has a slight hint of glitter, but it is very natural. It is moisturising and has a medium opacity (not total opacity like a lipstick, but it isn't clear like a lip balm).

It lasts not very long if you just put a quick slick on like I do, without a lipliner underneath or a lipgloss on top. The colour looks quite unusual for a lipliner but from looking at
colours online, MAC In Synch looks closest. For lipgloss sometimes I wear a mini 17 colour but I am not sure if they sell it fullsize, it came in a gift set. But my friend has a very similar colour, MAC Right Image (I know another MAC product but you can't deny that they are good). Using a lipliner under the product creates a good base for the product to stick on, it keeps it in place. And a lipgloss will create a sheer shine and also will come off before the lipstick or lip butter. But sometimes these distract you from the main product and can also get very irritating with several layers of lip product on at once.

Now I  have been dreading this subject since I just can't describe this
packaging well. The practical side is that it has the name on the bottom, a clear top so that you you can see the product and also the lip is in the same colour category as the product so if you want a brighter colour you don't end up going through the nudes. For looks, its ok as it has the new quilt pattern that Revlon now uses and also the sheer colour makes sure that you know you are looking at the Revlon lip butters and not the Revlon lipsticks. But with it being sheer you can see the metal handle thing (still have no idea what its called so can you tell me in the
comments) which is less aesthetically pleasing as say the Chanel or MAC lipsticks (MAC is coming up a lot in this post).

Even though they are supposed to be moisturising I still like to put on a lip balm beforehand. They do moisturise and are more confortable to have on your lips than a lipstick but they still aren't as moisturising as a lipbalm. And I am not sure if this is even a good thing. If they were as moisturising it might not be as matte or as opaque as they are now.

No matter what, I love this product and I wear it pretty much every
day of  every weekend and in the holidays. Feel free to ask me any questions.

M x

Falsies vs. Rocket - Maybelline Mascara Wars

So you've heard of how amazing The Rocket and The Falsies mascaras by Maybelline are, but which one is better. Allthatglitters21 on Youtube posted a video of this in her Makeup MAYhem series that she did with Missglamorazzi (The video: You may want to watch the video before this as I will be commenting on things in that video at times, but you won't have to. Like the video I have them both in the waterproof formula.

The claims for The Rocket are; that it has an exclusive Jet Glide brush with Flexi-fine bristles loads on big bang volume so fast, there is no time for clumps! The smooth formula keeps lashes looking sleek and even. And for The Falsies; False lash glam in a tube, Instantly! The first spoon brush. Lashes appear up to 3x more visible, corner-to-corner, no gaps. These are hard claims to beat.
On the right are two pictures of the tubes, The Rocket on the left and The Falsies on the right. From the top picture you can see that The Rocket holds more product, for the same price. 0.6 ml to be exact. Yes I know that 0.6 ml isn't much, but it all adds up.

Wands! They come down to personal preference so I will just describe them instead of rate them. On the right the one above is The Falsies and the one below it is The Rocket. First of all, one has more bristly brushes which give a less spiky look but sometimes end up producing more clumps ( The Falsies don't say 'Clump Free' but The Rocket does). Also The Rocket has a straight brush but

 The Falsies has a 'Spoon Brush', not so sure whether it is the first but one of the few. The Rocket is actually, like it says, less likely to get caught and glide effortlessly, but who actually has a problem with that. In the tube, the excess of The Rocket gets scraped off more, but the brush doesn't go as deep into the lashes.
I applied both mascaras on each eye but unfortunately do not have any pics. I believe that The Rocket makes longer lashes but only by the tiniest amount and it created spikier less natural looking lashes, which is down to preference. Volume wise, The Falsies is better since it glues the
 lashes more together. In the video Elle (Allthatglitters21) claims that The Rocket is drier, this is true but for some people it is only really about the outcome.
Clumps. I didn't really have a problem with clumps this time, but in the past The Falsies has clumped a little bit. Luckily, The Rocket has kept to its claims and created finer non-clumpy lashes.
 Lastly is gaps. I don't believe that this is a huge issue but seeing as it is part of the claims in The Falsies, I think that I should touch on it. Really, I think that it is better with The Rocket but probably down to the fact
 that I did a stroke on the main area and a stroke on the inner area. The Falsies left a tiny gap due to the brush being curved, you feel as if you won't need another stroke on the inner lashes.

From my point of view, The Rocket is better. But that is up to what I look for in a mascara, I don't mind as much if they look less natural and spiky. I hope that this helps make up your mind from the two. Feel free to ask me any questions.
M x