Christmas Tag

Yay another tag at this time of year, last year I did the Holly Jolly Holiday Tag, which went down quite well. So I thought that this year I'd do the basic Christmas Tag. Some questions I answered in last year's tag so I will just leave those out.

1. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
Honestly, October. :-P

2. Do you still have advent calendars?
Yes. I usually have one for my room and one which I alternate with my brother (I get even days so that I get one on my birthday). But this year I am unsure on how it will work since my parents are now split up, so when I stay at my Dad's flat I might have another or not.

3. Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?
Usually I open some presents on Christmas Eve because of my Mum's side of the family. But on Christmas Day I open the stuff in my stocking quite early. Then later we open gifts from under the tree as a family and chat. Then either my Gran or Dad will cook the dinner and we'll eat. Honestly, I sometimes find the build up more exciting than the day.

4. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes, Vegetables, Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce.

5. What is the best Christmas Present you have ever received?
I am not sure, I like to just be grateful for all the wonderful presents that I get and realise that I am very fortunate to receive them.

But that was this year's Christmas tags. If you have any christmassy post ideas then please tell me in the comments because I probably post the most at this time of year and I need some ideas. And I will hopefully have another post for you soon.

M x

Costa Coffee and Starbucks Christmas Drinks 2014

Last year this was my most popular post ever on this blog. So I thought that of course I had to do another this year. And yet again I am excited for Christmas for too early, I just finished watching Love, Actually and I plan to watch lots of Christmas vlogs later this evening.
But anyway back to the drinks. I am quite pleased with Starbucks this year as they are launching two new charitable programmes which will go along with their infamous red cups. One being 'Share the Warmth', in which they are partnering up with Crisis and Oasis to give homeless people a better Christmas this year. This will last over the long weekend of the 8th to the 11th of November where they hope to raise £100,000, They are doing what they call a BOGOGO, which stands for 'Buy one, get one, give one'. So when you buy a red cup, I believe that you will get another for free, but they will also give 25p donation to these charities for each cup purchased. But the other programme is the 'Suspended Coffee' scheme. Here when you ask for a Suspended Coffee, at the price of £2.25, they will match that price with a donation to those chosen charities. I think that it is quite refreshing to see Starbucks give back, especially in one of their busiest times of year. Anyway here are the Starbucks and Costa Coffee Christmas Drinks of 2014:


-Almond and Honey Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate with honey and a couple shots of almond syrup.

-Gingerbread Latte
Latte with a couple shots of gingerbread syrup, topped with cream and nutmeg.

-Eggnog Latte
Real Eggnog, mixed with milk, espresso and topped with nutmeg.

-Toffee Nut Latte
Latte with toffee nut syrup and crunchy toffee sprinkles.

-Orange Mocha
Orange flavoured mocha, topped with whipped cream and festive red sprinkles.

-Peppermint Mocha
Mocha with peppermint syrup, topped with whipped cream and festive red sprinkles.

-Caramel Brulee Latte
Milk with an espresso, flavoured with a caramel brulee sauce and topped with whipped cream and a caramel brulee topping.

Costa Coffee:

-Gingerbread and Cream Latte
Espresso with steamed milk served with gingerbread flavoured syrup and topped with cream and a mini gingerbread man.

-White Hot Chocolate and Cream
White chocolate sauce with milk and topped with cream and cherry sauce.

-Black Forest Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate with a shot of blackberry syrup and topped with cream, cherry sauce and a sprinkle of chocolate curls.

-Hot Spiced Apple
Hot spiced apple with star anise and cinnamon stick.

-Sticky Toffee Latte
Espresso with steamed milk served with sticky toffee flavoured syrup and topped with cream and toffee sauce.

-Brownie Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate with a shot of brownie syrup and topped with cream and chocolate fudge sprinkles.

-Orange Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate with a shot of orange syrup and topped with magic dusting and pure Belgian chocolate.

-Praline Cappucino
Espresso blended with praline syrup with frothed milk and magic dusting.

They all sound so yummy, I can't wait to get my hands on them. I love that Costa have the characters on the cups depending on the size (sadly it tells people how greedy I am when I get a large), and I love the samples that Starbucks give out occasionally.

Which ones are you most excited for?
M x



#SELFIE Abomination

Do you remember the old days when you could just take a picture of yourself and no one would say a word, but nowadays of course has to be labelled with ''selfie'' and everyone will make judgement that you are narcissistic and self-obsessed. Why only these days is it like that? How is it any different? Well, if you haven't noticed today's generation is all about social media,  and with hashtags and all that, every selfie must have the same story behind it of course (please do note the sarcasm there).

When slightly planning this blog post (five minutes before :-P), I googled 'The evolution of the selfie' and I came across this, I think, blog post (link: ). I read it and naturally, it was overall quite negative about the idea of the selfie, although it did say that we all do, occasionally take the odd selfie. But back to the evolution, the first stage of selfies were the ''Vincent Van Gogh-style self portrait', I wasn't alive when the only form of self-image was a painting but I don't think that if you had painted a selfie portrait then, that you'd be given the same connotations that you'd get now if you did take a selfie. Why? Is it because that it was much harder then, so that only the skilled and talented had the ability? Or is it because it is much easier now, so that people as dumb as the cast of TOWIE can even manipulate how to take a picture of themselves? Or maybe it is just because of that stupid but oh so catchy song (But first, let me take a #SELFIE), I apologise if that song is now in your head.

But why do people judge who a person is based on whether they take selfies. I take selfies but not to show off or to say that I am self obssessed. If and when I do take selfies, it is when I might be proud that I have effectively created an equal cat eye on both my eyes, or when I feel that my self esteem is slightly higher and I think 'Hey, I look remotely attractive today'. Also, despite what you my think a selfie is quite a powerful object. If you haven't seen the video created by a girl who suffered depression who takes a selfie every day for six and a half years, WATCH IT (link: ). If you read the annotations you can see what events occured in her life and how they affect her, in her hair or even in her smile, if you hadn't seen all the other selfies, then you believe that is the average 'self obssessed' image, but when you learn the whole story and see the bigger picture, you realise how powerful it is.

Now, I would challenge myself to take a selfie everyday but honestly I can't do that, but I have something already going like that. If you didn't know, I have braces. Every time I go to the orthodontist I will take a picture of my teeth to see how they improve, six months and I can notice such a difference from my first image to my current.

Anyways, do you take many selfies? What do you think about them?

M x

MAC Lipstick Desires

MAC Store in Glorietta Philippines
Lipstick (product)
Yet again I fail to post on a regular basis. Anyway, complaints aside here are all of the current MAC lipsticks that I am craving after. I don't own any MAC lipsticks and I do know that this is a lot and I am pretty sure that I will never own all of these. I just was going to make a list and instead I decided to blog about it. So here we go:

1.Goddess of the Sea (Part of the Alluring Aquatic Collection)-Cremesheen-Vibrant Dark Violet
2.Ruby Woo-Matte-Blue Red
3.Red Balloon-Amplified-Fuschia
4.Full Fuschia-Amplified Creme-Warm fuschia
5.Girl About Town-Amplified Creme-Hot Pink
6.Dubonnet-Amplified Creme-Burgundy
7.Hang Up-Cremesheen-Deep Berry
8.Creme Cup-Cremesheen-Light Pink/Nude
9.Costa Chic-Frost-Dark Coral
11.Capricious-Lustre-Rose Plum
12.Heroine-Matte-Bright Purple
13.Candy Yum Yum-Matte-Neon Pink
14.Sin-Matte-Dark Blue Red
15.Flat Out Fabulous-Retro Matte-Bright Plum
16.Cyber-Satin-Blackish Purple
17.Rebel-Satin-Cream Plum
18.Viva Glam Rihanna-Frost Blue Red
19.All Out Gorgeous-Mineralize-Deep Red
20.Lush Life-Mineralize-Plum
21.Good To Be Bad-Sheen Supreme-Deep Burgundy
22.Quite The Thing!-Sheen Supreme-Deep Blue Plum
23.Viva Glam I-Matte-Blue Red
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Spring/Summer 2014 Style

Whenever I am looking for some new outfit ideas on a store's website, I also look at similarities between items to see what is in at the moment. And I have found a couple trends and the cutest pieces of S/S 14.


Instead of a cover-up, swap it for a kimono. Fringed or floral, tribal or tassels, there are so many options to choose from. Personally I prefer the florally ones as they are most similar to the original kimono styles.
Here are some picks:


A stylish pattern and monochrome, this trend is 2 in 1. If it's small, it can give your outfit a preppy edge, but if it's large it can make you style a little more grungy.
Here are some picks:


This flower can be cartoon or not and the dot of yellow just makes you feel happy.
Here are some picks:

So there are three trends for this summer and spring. Hope you enjoyed.
M x
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16 Fashion Questions Tag

I feel like I now post twice a day, one on how I am feeling and one random post. Well today's randoom post is a tag, which you can probably tell from the title. So let's get into it:

1.I love to shop for my clothes at...
-New Look
-H and M (As of recently)
I know, pretty generic answers for a teen but those are truly the shops I buy my clothes from.

2. Store you like to visit but usually don't buy from...
Primark. I always go when there is nothing that I like but never go when there is. It's a shame since the prices are so cheap.

3.Last accessory you bought...
A bag from accessorize, I spoke about it in my 'Oh dear, Another update' post. I love the lilac for spring.

4.Do you own something you've never worn? What?
Nothing that I have bought myself. I have some hand me downs that don't fit me. And a top that I made at school in Textiles. I don't have the money to buy items that I feel so-so on.
(Ten minutes later, I realised that I own some leg warmers that I have never worn in 4 years).

5. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly or just like to be comfortable...
A mix of them all really. Most of my clothes aren't extremely stylish except for some items that I have bought within the last year. Most of them are just the basics or garments that I bought when I thought being fashionable was based on the brands you wear (e.g. Hollister, Jack Wills (which are just comfortable items, smothered in branding)) instead of the items you purchase. Basically, since I do not own many stylish clothes I find it hard to put thought into what I'd wear.

6. If I could, I would wear ______ every day...
Honestly, leggings. That is what I wear every time I get back from school because they are comfy and can be stylish.

7.My closet is mostly full of...
Hollister. I don't grow fast so I still fit into the items that I wore a couple years a go, which was ALL Hollister. Ever Christmas or Birthday I'd get at least one item from Hollister. So it has collected over the years.

8. Most comfortable item of clothing I own is my ...
Onesie. It is from New Look and is covered head to toe in fushcia hearts.

9. What hat would you never, ever wear?
The hats that the guards of all the royal buildings in London wear. They are around 20 inches tall and you cannot see out of them.

10. What's your style?
I have lots of different tastes. But I love Parisian fashion and the cute Tokyo styles. It is a mixture.

11. Favourite T-Shirt...
My bright green comfy Hollister one that my parents bought for me in New York. It is only because it is thin and floppy (I hate being restricted in clothing).

12. Favourite Dress...
I just had a clear out and all my dresses went as they no longer fit me. But again I had a strapless green one from Hollister with a bow at the front and dark pink flowers all over it.

13. Favourite sweater...
My cream cable knit jumper from New Look. It is extremely warm and looks great in Autumn.

14. Favourite shoes...
My chocolate Uggs which I have lasted in for around 3-4 years now, with fastly growing feet.

15. Favourite bag...
Probably my new accesorize bag again. But apart from that my Paul's Boutique Sacha Satchel (search it up on google). They discontinued it but it was the least chavvy seeing as it was PB. I have the tan and navy one and I got it for my birthday last year.

16. Favourite Earrings...
I actually do not have my ears pierced because I am a pussy. So I am going to have to leave that one unanswered.

Well that was the 16 Fashion Questions Tag. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to leave your answers in the comments. Bye for now.
M x

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Walk in Wardrobe and Purple Hair

If you read my last post, then you know that lately I have been crushing over designer items. Well that has rolled over onto just clothes and closets. I have been watching closet tours back to back and window shopping on the internet. The thing is, I live in London where there is hardly any space in one room, let alone for a walk in closet. I also don't have enough clothes for my 35 inch cupboard style wardrobe, only half of it is full.

Also, I really want to dye my hair this summer. I have never dyed my hair before because my hair colour naturally darkens, I was born blonde and 14 years later, I have a medium brown tone. Also because a lot of my friends say that they like my hair colour. I didn't think that I could dye my hair for a few years since my school has a strict uniform policy which includes having unnatural hair colours. But last year, a girl in my class dyed her hair pink and blue for the summer, and I never had the idea to do that just for the summer, but I may do that this year since I have always wanted to dye my hair (if you have seen my pinterest then you can find my Hair Colour Bucket List. The link is on the right hand side). If I do, it will be semi-permanent because we only have 6 weeks summer in the UK and it is likely to be a purple or pink shade because I like the idea of them the most. What do you think?

In other news, I was in the charity shop today with my mum, and I found Poison Study (By Maria V. Snyder) in the book section. And I bought for only TWENTY FIVE PENCE! I know right.

Anyway, that was a random post... See you later
M x
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